Manufacturing process

On these pages we explain our manufacturing process from beginning to end.

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The material used in Woolpower® is 2/3 fine Merino wool and 1/3 synthetic material.

Our Merino wool comes from Patagonia sheep whose wool fibers are much finer than those of other sheep, thus producing a softer and more comfortable wool.


The Merino wool is washed, spun into yarn and colored by a company in Germany. The yarn then comes to Östersund in big yarn spools.


All of our machines are custom made. Circular knitting machines knit the arms, legs and torso pieces.

For the best possible fit and comfort, each individual garment part and size is made on individual stitching machines with different diameter needles.


The different parts are knit with approximately 2/3 fine merino wool and 1/3 synthetic material (polyester/polyamide). This is the optimal balance of fibers; it takes advantage both of all the unique properties of the wool, as well as of the durability of synthetics.

All parts come out like finished tubes. The great advantage of this is that the finished garments have a minimum number of seams, which allows for better body conformity and comfort, and eliminates excessive rubbing from bulky seams.


The terry knit loops are one of the secrets behind Ullfrotté Original. The terry loops trap air between the body and the garment, thus creating maximal of insulation.


After the garment parts are made, they are washed and dried to shrink and stabilize them. This wash is done with water only; no detergents are used.

Tvättade strumpor

After the washing and drying process, the material is shaped, with the help of heat and steam, on metal stretch frame. This makes the garments smooth and gives them the proper shape.


The shaped pieces are cut with different cutting shapes so that all the pieces will fit precisely into each other. This process is somewhat like using a cookie cutter.


The finished, shaped pieces are sewn together to create a finished garment. Each garment is sewn by one seamstress.


The seamstress controls and is responsible for the garment she sews, and will sew her name tag into the finished garment.


Regular controls are made to ensure that the garments are of the correct size and quality according to set standards.

Låda i produkt

All garments are packed into boxes or sock tubes marked with our Woolpower® brand name.


From the warehouse Woolpower® products are shipped around world, to more than 20 different international markets. Approximately 70% our production is exported.